The CHACO antifriction material is made of a high quality, synthetic material. As a superior sliding material, it is used worldwide in the woodworking industry as a highly resistant pressure and guiding element for band and circular saw blades.

We manufacture ready-to-install elements for the sawing machines of most manu­facturers. Our in-house machine shop allows us to produce special guides to your dimensional sketch with short delivery time.

The machine-side attachment takes place via threaded bushes, dovetail guides or screws in through holes.

Many machine manufacturers use our guides as a standard to benefit from the following features: very good abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, thus only minimal heating of the saw blade, wide insensitivity to many liquids and ice, high temperature resistance.

In addition to the machine-specific guides, we also supply plates and bars as semi-finished products.

Solid plates:                365 x 200 x 24/31/35/42 mm (Tolerance +0.5/0)
Profiled plates:           365 x 200 x 23,5 mm
Profiled bars:              290 x 39 x 17 mm and 365 x 40 to 80 x 23,5 mm
Other dimensions on request.

In mechanical engineering, the CHACO antifriction material is in particular used for advanced sliding movements. It has low stick-slip effect even under high surface pressure and good emergency running properties in case of insufficient or missing lubrication.