Original plates and bars as
semi-finished products, for
manufacturing guiding elements
and pressure guides with
CHACO Low Friction Material
CHACO Original plates and bars
The CHACO Low Friction Material, a plastic moulding compound, was introduced in the 50's and since then continuously improved to hold its superior qualities that made it the leading gliding and guiding material in connection with saw guides for band and circular saws throughout the world. The most important characteristics for this application are: Extremely slow wear, low coefficient of friction, temperature rise at blade neglectable, self-lubrication, temperature resistance up to 150 °C (302 °F), good compatibility to (Diesel) oil, water, ice, as well as to light acids and bases.

The following bars and plates made of the CHACO low friction material are available as semi-finished products, and are being used for the manufacturing of tailor-made parts as guiding elements in various executions, such as cubic blocks of any shape, round and square bars, bushings, sleeves, liners, flanges etc:

Solid Plates: 365 x 200 x 24, 31, 35 and 42 mm, for the manufacturing of guiding elements and pressure guides. Other sizes available upon request.
Profiled Plate: 365 x 200 x 23,5mm, for the manufacturing of profiled bars
and elements 40 to 80mm high.
Profiled Bars: 290 x 39 x 17mm und 365 x 40-80 x 23,5mm,
for the manufacturing of profiled elements.

As a result of the manufacturing process involved, dimensions of original CHACO plates and bars may vary +.5/-0 mm (+.02/-0"). In order to rationalize production and to reduce waist material at the same time, it is recommended to select where ever possible one dimension of the part to be equal to the thickness of one of the plates. Therefore, we ask you kindly to include a drawing or a sample part with your request for quotation.
Low Friction Material